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10 July 2017

*** Scam Warning ***

The Open University has issued the following warning :-

A warning - especially for new students

Email 'phishing' scams: a warning for students

We have been advised that some OU students have received hoax or 'phishing' emails supposedly from Student Finance England (SFE). Please note that Student Finance England will never email students to ask that they verify bank details or login information online. Students are advised to disregard any emails they receive that appear to be from Student Finance England or the Student Loans Company that ask them to confirm any personal details on-line. All such emails should be forwarded to

The Student Charter

The Student Charter has now been officially launched and will come into effect from August 2013. This is an important document as it reflects the rights and obligations of both students and the university.

It can be viewed at:

It is not a fixed document and is subject to regular review. Opinions from students regarding this are welcome.

Important changes to Assessment of assignments:

Please note a new assessment policy booklet takes effect for all modules starting on or after September 29th 2012.
Full details are here:,book-after290912.pdf

The main feature relates to allowing late submission of EMAs - they may be submitted up to 24 hours after the cut off but there will be a 10% penalty on the mark.
Also resits will be 'capped' to a pass or fail mark


London Regional Assembly

What is the London Regional Assembly?

The London Regional Assembly [R A] is just one of the 16 that make up the Students' Association. It comprises student volunteers who are elected from the membership, and other members such as the Executive committee Member (E C M) representing us on the O U S A Central Executive Committee (CEC).

The Assembly meets three or four times a year and organises, for example, Open day events at the London Regional Centre and O U S A's Gift Shop at Degree Ceremonies as well as electing representatives to other O U and O U S A bodies.

Join us in to the London Regional forum and say hello.

London has around 26,000 of the O U's current 250,000 students.


Social Events

If you would like to start a group or organise a social event contact the London Regional Assembly

London Fantasy Football League Challenge

Unfortunately this seems to have fallen by the wayside. If anyboby would like to start it going again post here.

Coffee Club

Picture of coffee, scone and O U S A sign The Coffee Club, meet every third Friday in the month at Foyles cafe, 107 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0EB from 10.30am to lunchtime.
(Note:- Foyles have moved two places down Charing Cross Road)

All welcome including family, look out for the O U S A sign on the table. If you can make it post at and we will look out for you.

If anyone went to Foyles on the 26 October and found it closed, this was due to a flood in the basement which they said destroyed quit a bit of stock.

Next meeting:-  18 August 2017.

I am going into hospital on the 3 August for a knee replacement and don't think I will be in a position to make it.


Pub Social Group

Picture of pints of beer and O U S A sign

Regular pub meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. Friends and family are welcome, look out for the O U S A sign.

If you have any ideas where meetings might be held, preferably with disabled access, or if you would like to start a regular pub meet in your area, post in the forum.

Next meeting:-  3 August 2017

Unfortunately I am going into hostpital on the 3 August for a knee replacement.

Meeting at the Doggetts Coat and Badge, 1 Blackfriars Bridge, London, SE1 9UD from approx. 6.30pm

*** Fantastic News ***

A night at the Ballet/Opera

Have you ever fancied a night at the Ballet/Opera but thought it too expensive.

The Open University now has a student ambassador with the Royal Opera House.  Julie Ackoryd a S187 student and Associate Lecturer has arranged for O U students to receive the same discounts as other university students.

Further details at



Our events now also appear in the diary section of the Open University Network of Facebook. You can also say there whether you will be coming to events and leave comments both before and after the event. Our own group has also just been opened on Facebook for O U S A London Region. Why not join in the fun and see us there?


Follow us on Twitter @OUSALondon  to keep up to date with news and views for your studies and fun in London.


“Quicknews” is an external newsletter, sent out to subscriber's email, by the London Regional Assembly to keep students up to date about events that are being organised, and/or important information from the O U or O U S A that we think that students should be made aware of as soon as possible rather that waiting for the next issue of the official O U S A Regional newsletter sent from head office four times a year.

If you would like to be included in this external email service that will keep you posted on up to date information about events, between newsletters send an email to our new dedicated “QuickNews“ email address:-

Alternatively if you are currently receiving “QuickNews“ and no longer wish to, email us and ask to be removed from the list.

Membership of O U S A

Every Open University student automatically becomes a member of O U S A (pronounced Ooo-sah).   Membership is free and by becoming involved in your student association you will develop personal skills that perhaps you didn’t even know you had! We can help you, train you, and together we can help our fellow students.

The main objectives of O U S A are to represent, to support, and to socialise!

A note on accessibility

We have tried to make this site as accessible as possible, especially for those using electronic readers which is why acronyms (such as that for Open University Students' Association) has spaces in between the letters. The downside of this is that sometimes they can run over two lines! We have also kept the site deliberately simple, without bells and whistles, so that as each web-master moves on to pastures new, their successor need not be a skilled web designer.


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